Genesis is for the single mom, the single dad, blended families, and foster families. Genesis goes far beyond “keeping a calendar” by providing users with tools such as GPS Date/Time Stamp on Pick Up or Drop Off, or the ability to share the calendar with Grandma, or the other parent. Genesis provides a ledger for expenses related to Medical, School or other expenses outside child support. The best part, users will always have access to their searchable and exportable records, in the event they ever need it.


By offering for free use, Olive Us asks for the user’s data. We use the data to work with businesses that provide products and services for the benefit of children. We want to save users (many of which are on a single income) money by sending deals, coupons, and offers that are relevant to the user by working with businesses, our partners.


We are not interested in sending deals such as wireless speakers or magnetic bracelets. We are more interested in providing users with real life offers. Birthday party packages, pediatric dentistry, diapers or training pants, and shoes, to name a few. Deals that make sense for single parents. By Olive Us knowing the birthday of a child, we will know the age. If we know the age, we can work with businesses to develop a more personalized approach to offering relevant deals.


We are developing a proprietary deliver method, through Genesis, to make this happen. We are a young startup company and can use all the help we can get. If you know of a business owner you would like us to contact, please enter their contact information here. We greatly appreciate the referral.


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Olive Us, LLC is a California Limited Liability Company and is the parent company and creator of (Genesis Child Custody Manager).